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Fight Like A Girl!

Alright, I don’t wanna say too much as I’m pitching this thing, but I’m working on a project called Fight Like A Girl! The art that came in for this pitch is absolutely amazing! The team really came together on this one and put something out pretty amazing. We’ll see where this goes, I’m really hoping for the best here.…


Where’s No West to Cross?

Funny you should ask. I don’t know what’s going on with NWTC. I’d love to do volume 2. In fact, I have most of volume 2 written and the next few arcs plotted. There were a series of ups and downs, but ultimately volume 2 didn’t happen. A couple times I’ve had artists on the book but one thing would…


…And We’re Back.

So I’ve been offline (as far as this site is concerned) for a while. A long while. I’ve sat around working on different projects and let this fall behind. After a lot of thinking of what I want this site to be, I finally realized what this site to be personalized a bit. Less Portfolio like and more haphazard blog…