Ebony Kiss

Alright so over the last couple of weeks I’ve been super busy writing well….everything. From the two graphic novel ideas I have to Laluelle. Things have been moving pretty quick for me.  That said,  at Dragon*Con I made some connections and one was with Del Hewitt Jr. In short, I’m writing a 15 page comic about a character named Ebony Kiss that will be part of an Ebony Kiss anthology.  This is a charity graphic novel as the creator of the character has passed away. The comic will be more or less an ‘in memory of’.

There isn’t a release date yet, but November was a month mentioned but that may not be the case. Point is, I have a 15 page story in there which is awesome and the rest of the comic is going to be awesome and it’s for an awesome cause! More info to come once I get it and whenever I get a firm release date or info on the artist doing the comic (if allowed) I will post about it!

Thanks! And remember your hashtags! #makecomics

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