So, I’m back into learning how to do some comic book lettering. It’s pretty fun. Lettering is one of those weird things that when someone does it right it sometimes goes unnoticed, but if done wrong, it’s jarring.

Why am I learning lettering? Well, to be blunt, breaking into the comics industry is hard and one piece of advice I’ve heard a few times over the years keeps nagging at me. That piece of advice was “If you are trying to break into the comic industry as a writer, the best thing you can do is break in by doing ANYTHING BUT writing”. A bit discouraging, but whatever. I’ve found that so far I actually like lettering.

Hopefully that holds true.

In fact, I learned the 5 page teaser story for No West to Cross that was posted a while (like…forever and a day ago) back. You begin to get a great appreciation for different aspects of comics when you do it yourself. Really hoping that in the future this takes me somewhere.

All that said, I’m not done writing comics obviously. Writing is too much fun. I’m actually working on a few things at the moment, but I’m also trying to balance comic-work-life with life-life.  I have a pretty bad habit of doing too much at once. I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to scale back a bit, but keep at it each and everyday.

Well…this post was kinda useless, but I just felt like blogging a bit lol.