Original Comic Scripts

Alright. So here are my original scripts. You can see how I do my work and read some (hopefully) interesting stories. Most of these stories I wrote as ongoing series that I’d hope to do or as graphic novels. So you may be wondering? Well, why write just one issue? It’s more so practice for me in between writing my main story Laluelle as well as working on other projects. I’m trying to get a good library of scripts done but I also don’t want to post EVERY script I do just in case I do decide to go forth and self-publish one or more of these. They will all be completed stories soon enough (some sooner then others). On that note! Here are some free scripts. All scripts are copy-written and can not be used without my expressed written permission and all that other legal stuff.

Song of Saving

Song of Saving *NEW


This is it boys, This is War (Issue 0)

Empty Apartment

First 12 pages

No West To Cross

No Man’s Land (full length)

Escape (6 Page preview)

Kidnapped Town

Stockholm  -Mature Rating! Violence and Language-

First Steps (full length)

Cybernetics -Mature Rating! Violence and Language-

Advertisement Advisement (full length)


Enter the Time Lord (full length)